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Convent of Rani Jhansi


Our motto we presented Splendour, which highlighted team spirit...Read More

Frenzy Frolic Fiesta

Convent Of Rani Jhansi presented the Sports Ecstasy-FRENZY FROLIC FIESTA in the school ground in a frolic some atmosphere.

The event was marked by a string of spectacular performance presented by the young CRJians who were brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. A festive spirit was created with a well decorated playground.

This was one of the most important event organized by the school and all the students and staff came together to make it a success. The 100% participation by the students was commendable.

The glittering function was attended by dignitaries of Manav Sthali Organization, students, staff and our very supportive parents.

The thrilling moments of the day were:

1.Triumph Torch: The programme started with torch of enlightenment. Children from carried the torch of enlightenment hand to hand with full of energy symbolizing the harmony, light of spirit and knowledge.The little stars left everyone spellbound with their dance performance on patriotic songs showing pride for their motherland.

2.March Past: A splendid performance by our little soldiers-Maa ke ladle, Bharat Bhavishya, Eklavya, Veer Abhimanyu, kept the spectators mesmerized. It was a pleasure to watch our smartly clad students displaying their marching skills. Our little soldiers paid gratitude and respect to the unsung heroes of our nation. They also made a beautiful formation of CRJ amidst thunderous applause and cheers.

3.Mystic Strokes: An eye soothing performance "Mystic Strokes" was given by the students of Grade I & II. This fusion of Yoga and Aerobics was breathtaking. Children performing different Yoga asanas with music and showing stunning stunts was an amazing sight.

4.Budding Chasers: The long awaited performance of budding chasers which included innovative races like Tunnel race, Caterpillar race added the excitement and thrill not only among the students but also among the onlookers. The spirit of true sportsmanship was evident everywhere. The little sports stars with shining bright faces got a thunderous applause from one and all.

5.Chime Chorale: It has been scientifically proven that listening to music can help alter one's state of mind. Melodious singers from Grade I & II sang a song "The cup of life" with high spirits and jubilation.

6.Fitness Drome: The special highlight of the event was the assortment of Gym, Yoga, Floor exercises and Aerobics performed by all the classes, which portrayed their talents and showcased their team spirit symbolizing the vibrant hopes of the sporting students that were flying high. Children performing using gym equipments were a treat to the eye.

7.Whip into shape: The aerobic dance brought out the grit and determination of our vibrant children. They showcased a beautiful display of Aerobics. It was such a delight watching the children grabbing attention of the audience with their enthralling performances.

8.Trendy Stroll: A feeling of excitement pervaded in the air as Trendy Stroll commenced. The much awaited eye catching performance by our young CRJians dazzled everyone with their flamboyant poise. Children performed different walks like Aerobatic walk, Cartoon Character walk, Nature walk, Jungle walk and the Ramp walk.

9.Gliders and Bikers: The audience witnessed a wonderful show displaying the prowess of skating and Cycling genius. Their strength, energy, endurance and determination to perform was seen. Different stunts while skating snd cycling captivated the minds of the audience.Gliders and bikers stole everyone's heart.

10.Motivational words by Founder Chairman: His words of wisdom set the tone for the day. His encouraging speech enticed everyone and motivated our little angels not to give up but persevere for more glory in future. It was truly said by him that "Rani Laxmi Bai was a symbol of bravery and patriotism". We at Convent of Rani Jhansi strive our best to bring up our CRJians with the same spirit of passion.

11.National Anthem: To give salutations to our motherland and to present unity in diversity all present in the ground paid tribute to our country - India by singing National Anthem.
Apart from teaching good values such as sportsmanship, team spirit, co-operation , discipline in the field etc, Sports day makes school life lively, interesting, enjoyable and memorable. The event came to an end successfully with the vote of thanks, leaving thrilling memories in the hearts of each and everyone present there. It was a most interesting, enjoyable and memorable day of the year.

Spirit of Patriotism

We are proud to be Indians. India is a land of many religions and culture depicting Unity in Diversity. To promote the feeling of Patriotism, students of grade I made tri-coloured flowers using strips with their photographs on it to show their love & respect for their motherland- India and to arouse the feeling that we are ONE, though our culture & religion are different, we are INDIANS. Different language and colour doesn't make a difference till we are UNITED.

Colour Corner

Class Nursery celebrated Green Colour Day All the young aspirants came dressed in bright green colour outfits. They brought their favourite green vegetable/ fruit and spoke few sentences on the mike. To generate awareness about the importance of Trees they collected leaves and did leaf printing in their worksheet. Cool Khus Khus slush was served to them as refreshment.They were explained the importance to save the green cover of the planet.

Recalling Leaders

Under the guidance of our Hon'ble Sir, the school organises regularly a special Assembly on the leaders of freedom struggle and eminent ancient Kings who have laid their lives for their country. The programme enhances students awareness about India's freedom struggle and spreads the spirit of patriotism and invoking love for their country and countrymen. Maharana Pratap, Rani Laxmi Bai, Shivaji are the great historians whose life has been discussed in the assembly. Interesting quiz is also organized as a recap of the life history and to enhance their retention power.

Pasta Salad Activity

To activate the taste buds and ignite the feel of sharing , the students of Grade II had an activity of Pasta salad. Boiled peas, corns, carrots, pasta and mayonise-all mixed together gave them a healthy treat. The students enjoyed the fire free cooking. They relished the pasta salad and once again regained the values of 'sharing is caring' and 'togetherness is fun'.

FEIT Knee Pads Activity

To have an insight into the world of cycling and the use of safety equipments, the Grade II bikers made colourful knee pads using thick sheets of paper, cotton and ribbons. They enjoyed wearing the self made kneepads and learnt its importance. This practical exposure helped them in experimenting with what they have learnt in the classroom.

Doll making and Story Telling Activity

To let the creative juices flow and give shape to their imaginations, the students of Grade II made beautiful dolls using waste materials. They further showcased their talents while they narrated stories based on moral education using self made dolls. They enjoyed and learnt the social values during the story telling activity.

Monsoon Magic

I hear thunder,

Oh don't you?

Pitter, patter raindrops,

I'm wet through,

Rain kissed roads, rainbows in raindrops and puddles,

Lush green grass, really bring out the beauty of the monsoon

A vibrant and funfilled activity was planned for children of Prep, enjoyed foot tapping rain dance activity. An ambience of artificial rain was created and children came in their best colourful dresses, bright rain coats and gum boots were worn.Children danced excitedly with their umbrellas swinging to the beat of music. Yes, it's the right time to beat the heat and welcome the rain. After this students also did rhymes related to rainy season and the most important thing that precautions during rainy season. They also framed simple sentences using these words related to the activity like, puddles, splish-splash, sneeze, wet and drenched.

India Inspires

Every child of our nation is blessed with some unique talent that needs to be groomed. Providing them the right direction will enable them to earn their livelihood or pocket money while studying. In this project we shall showcase our young mind's genius creativity and the best part they do this with recycled material. So by the end when these children are ready to face the world they shall proudly show their capability with their educational values.

India Inspires project is about training & encouraging our students and igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship among them. The objective is to instil creative skills in the students. This memorable day is organized with loads of fun and frolic, variety of food, games, handmade products and handicrafts, cultural performances, entertainment and to win exciting prizes.

Scholastic Book Fair

To enrich the vocabulary and inculcate good reading habits in our children we try to motivate our kids by doing some reading based activity or give them some books to read as an incentive.

In this series every year we organise a Scholastic book fair in our school premises. Children were asked to buy the books of their interest. These books were on various topics like science, fiction, moral stories, adventure stories based on their favourite cartoon characters which help the children to read with great interest. We have also asked children to read these books and narrate the story in the assembly and will be awarded for the same. By these awards children will be motivated to read and by telling the story they will polish their speaking power.

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