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Convent of Rani Jhansi

A specially framed curriculum has been designed for an overall development of a child to add to their stock of concepts and experiences. It abounds in lessons that explore all kinds of intelligence and form an integral part of our informatics.

The striking features of our curriculum are:-

  • Language Study : Emphasis is given to listening and speaking skills through a variety of realistic activities to develop linguistic competence and preparing the students for effective communication.

  • Value Education : Is interwoven into the curriculum. Stress is laid on developing a self disciplined approach to life and work and the courage to tread new paths. Regular visits to museums and places of interest supplement classroom teaching.

  • Extra Curricular Activities Includes


Yoga, originally a Sanskrit word has two meanings- Union and Discipline. Different Yoga Mudras are taught to our tiny tots by a professional yoga instructor which helps them to make bodies flexible and to improve their concentration level.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practiced for a number of reasons such as self defence of utmost importance. At C.R.J self defence technique is imparted to the students.


IMO and IEO International English and Mathematics Olympiad is conducted every year in our school by Science Olympiad Foundation in which all the students of Grade I and II participate . Practice worksheets are done in the class as a preparation for such kind of competition along with their reference workbook. The students eagerly wait for this Olympiad. Students have won several school , Zonal and International medals along with gift vouchers from Science Olympiad Foundation over the years.

Horse Riding(Optional)

Horse Riding is a great form of physical activity which allure the children and fascinate them to go for a ride. Initially we send all children for horse riding to make them familiar with the activity as it is an optional and paid facility.

Skating/ Table Tennis

There is a perfect balance between academics & co-curricular activities. Keeping in view the emotional and physical needs of our small ones we have stimulating activities like TT and skating. For achieving this we have employed the services of professional coaches who expose the children to a wide array of various skills.


To educate students on different aspects of our cultural life, we impart knowledge of music to our little angels on different peppy rhymes and songs. Students are taught how to play the musical instruments.


Assembly is a powerful place to shape the various opinions & ideas about the school. To inculcate responsibilities in the children we provide them a platform where they conduct the assembly. Our day at CRJ starts early in the morning where we provide our little ones a platform for conducting the assembly through various activities which are given as follows:

  • Aerobics and warm up exercises.

  • Chanting of Gayatri Mantra and singing different English prayers.

  • Sharing the news of the day (National, International, sports news), thought for the day and a new word with its meaning.

  • Vital opportunities are provided to the children to express their views regarding any story or a character of the book they have read. It builds self esteem and helps them to overcome the fear of speaking in front of a large group.

  • Every month, story of a great historian is narrated to the students in an interesting manner.

  • Celebration of national religious festivals and all special days.


To make the children more receptive and practical to education we give exposure through various excursions which we plan on a regular basis. The child's safety & security is our prime responsibility.


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